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The gateway to connect with new ideas, solutions and partnerships from the Dutch agri-food sector

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FoodX is the gateway to connect with new ideas, solutions and partnerships from the Dutch agri-food sector. We organise and facilitate meetings between parties in search of partnerships focused on food system transitions. We do this from our inspiring venue at the World Food Center in Ede, where we connect innovators from all over the Netherlands and far beyond.


Roger van Hoesel
General Manager FoodX

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We are food


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A vibrant stage for innovation in the Dutch agri-food sector

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The Netherlands is characterised as an exceptionally rich ecosystem of parties working on the future of our food system. Discover what this can mean for your business.


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The Netherlands has a vibrant food & agriculture innovation landscape. If you want to be inspired, find partners…

Swedish interest in Dutch collaboration model

A National Food Strategy for Sweden was introduced in 2016 by the national government. The food strategy seeks to enhance food security and helps make agriculture more productive and sustainable. A delegation of Swedish regional government bodies visited the Netherlands to get more insight in the latest AgTech developments, as well as on how different stakeholders collaborate for a sustainable food system.

Cellular agriculture gets a boost in the Netherlands

In October 2023, the Dutch government confirmed €60 million to support an ecosystem around cellular agriculture, the technology to produce animal products such as meat and milk proteins directly from animal and microbial cells. It is the world’s largest ever financial support by a national government for cellular agriculture.

Photocredits: https://www.cellulaireagricultuur.nl/


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