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Surrounded by many startups and other pioneers in the sector, this is an inspiring environment to facilitate meetings aimed at innovation in the agri-food sector.

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The right connection

Despite partnerships being seen as the way forward, practice shows that it is difficult to make the right connection between parties that can reinforce each other. FoodX is the first initiative in the Netherlands that brings together the supply and demand of innovative solutions in a neutral, inclusive way.

In the heart of the Netherlands
FoodX is located at the World Food Center in Ede, within walking distance of Ede-Wageningen train station. Surrounded by many startups and other pioneers in the sector, this is an inspiring environment to facilitate meetings aimed at innovation in the agri-food sector.

The rich Dutch ecosystem

The Netherlands is characterised as an exceptionally rich ecosystem of parties working on the future of our food system. Every day, this generates new solutions and insights for the challenges we face.

It is clear that innovating on your own will not lead to a future-proof way of producing healthy and sustainable food. Forging strong partnerships is more than ever a crucial condition for success. Successful partnerships have always been a key factor explaining the Netherlands' leading position in the agri-food sector. Whether it is about accelerating the protein transition or the dedicated agri-food education system in the Netherlands, they are all examples of collaborative initiatives by organisations open to cooperation and change.

We would like to invite you to join us!

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Roger van Hoesel
Managing Director

Planting the seeds of new partnerships
“Helping foreign delegations get the maximum benefit out of visiting the Dutch agrifood sector, via contact with established businesses, startups and the most-appropriate research groups. That’s what we do at Food X: we ensure that organizations on both sides – visitors and hosts ­– take away positive impressions, concrete ideas and new relationships from our clients’ visits to the Netherlands.

We provide varied programs combining inspirational presentations, workshops, innovative tastings and site-visits tailored to the clients’ specific requests and interests of the clients. It might be product development or process technology; the latest consumer trends or new-business issues such as upscaling, research funding and ecosystem building. We offer a partnership that ensures independent, deeply-informed advice about the opportunities and challenges around developing business in the Netherlands, and we are always available when the client has returned to their home country. Our experience shows that this approach substantially increases client success.

The Netherlands is a global leader in the agrifood industry: from Food Valley - centered around Wageningen and the World Food Centre - to the Green Port in Venlo and the greenhouses in the West of the country. The Dutch agrifood sector is renowned for its knowledge, expertise and innovative ideas. Seeing that look of surprise and delight on the faces of foreign delegates when they realise the depth and breadth of opportunity here, and planting the seeds for new partnerships. For me that’s what it’s all about.”

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Huiberdien Sweeris
Program Manager

Business trips that benefit both guest and host
“Empathising with clients and listening carefully to their needs and interests. This is the groundwork from which we develop a painstakingly detailed, tailor-made approach, which guarantees successful matchmaking. This is, fundamentally, what we do at Food X. It is at the root of how we make sure our foreign delegations are connected with the Dutch agrifood entrepreneurs and research groups that most meet their specific interests, in terms of knowledge, expertise and business opportunities.

Balance is important too: the business trip should be a win-win, benefitting visitor and host. This might sound obvious, but our experience of this market shows that, for most visits, it isn’t. At Food X we bridge this gap, making company visits to the agrifood sector mutually rewarding.

Our global portfolio includes clients from the USA, Spain, Japan, Brazil and many more. Recently, a major retailer approached us to help identify cutting-edge food technologies and consumer trends in foods in the Netherlands. We put together a varied program for them, including a Dutch agrifood VR Experience, various expert presentations and discussions, and a delicious lunch of new, innovative – sometimes surprising – flavours.

Another delegation, representing an innovation hub from Scandinavia, were keen to understand how to get started with building an innovation ecosystem. For them we organized meetings and constructive discussions with representatives of the most important stakeholders in the ecosystem. We also ensured the delegation got acquainted with startups and SMEs, so they could see with their own eyes the impact of the Foodvalley innovation ecosystem.

The visit delivered both delegation and hosts many new ideas of how to further enhance innovation in their region - in the end that’s why we do it.”