FoodX Talk “Finding your Sweet Spot”

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On May 11th, FoodX Netherlands is organizing the next FoodX Talk on "Finding the Sweet Spot: Cost and Quality in Food Production" together with Cibus Nexum at the World Food Center in Ede, the Netherlands.

How can you as a producer ensure that good food remains affordable? With the current rising prices, many consumers make more stringent decisions in what they buy. Consumers are more likely to choose cheaper products, pay more attention to offers or shop at cheaper stores. There is even a rapid increase in the number of people who get support from the food bank.

Recent research by our partner Innova Market Insights shows that consumers value both food quality as well as affordability. How can you tackle this complex challenge and find your sweet spot in cost and quality?

During this Food-X talk, we have an inspiring and unique line up of speakers who will give you an insight into their solutions and thoughts on finding the sweet spot:

-> Riedel's answer to global market developments -  Bas Boswinkel and Leonie Kortleve from Riedel Drinks

-> How can ingredient & food choices affect human health - Nicole de Wit from Wageningen University & Research

-> What can you gain from smarter (production) processes - Arie Pieter van Wensveen from Lean Improvers

Interested in the topic? Learn more in the Innova Market Insights webinar on the topic Affordable Nutrition.

A great opportunity to learn more and gain new insights into how to produce good food at an acceptable cost.

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