Partnership Innova Market Insights and FoodX

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We're thrilled to announce the exciting partnership between Innova Market Insights and FoodX.

FoodX, the gateway for international business in Food&Agriculture, will build on the 2023 Top Ten Trends of Innova Market Insights to launch a series of insightful FoodX Talks.
Innova Market Insights is a world-leading market research agency headquartered in The Netherlands. Applying their 360 Insights-approach they help major F&B brands understand market developments and consumer trends, thereby empowering them to make their next business moves with confidence.

With the FoodX Talks the two partners hope to inspire Food&Agriculture companies to embrace a more consumer-centered innovation strategy. The sessions will zoom in on one of the major industry trends defined by Innova and offer additional inspiration through guest speakers, related start-ups and real-life examples.

The below FoodX talks are already scheduled, so save the date! More information will follow shortly.

May 11th - Redefining value

June 8th - Devouring Digital

September 14th - Farming the future

Interested in continued trend updates for the food industry? Follow Innova Market Insights on LinkedIn and sign up for the newsletter. And stay tuned for updates on how our partnership is shaping, as well as local innovation initiatives by F&B companies,  by following the FoodX LinkedIn page and FoodX newsletter.



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